Wilderlands: The Rise of Tharizdun

In the Shadow of the Mountain

Reports of black obelisks had been trickling-in for years, but news of the rediscovered tomb of King Torhild brought new light to the investigation. The link to the supposed location of Tyar-Besil was unquestionable, but when the priests of Mitra plotted the locations of the obelisks, they found that all of them followed ley lines. Those lines intersect at the supposed site of the mythical city of Tyar-Besil.


The Overlord was invited to counsel, and agreed that the threat should be dealt with. So a coalition was forged whereby anyone needed could be recruited without consequence. City factions would put-aside disputes by the authority of the overlord. This allows guild thieves to work with justicars, and priests of opposing faiths to work together.


This alliance is known as The Rangers of Northmarch. The rangers bear the sigil of the City State, and go with the authority of the overlord. Their mission is to find the city of Tyar-Besil (if it exists), and end any cult activity. The rangers travel under the pretense of a City-State special forces team executing war-based covert operations at the Rorystone front.



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