Wilderlands: The Rise of Tharizdun

Return to Flint

The party laden with riches from the forgotten temple, passed through Flint on their way back to Overlord City. They found half the city burned to the ground. One remaining warlord had seized control of the city. His name was Hoxar, and he was a mean-looking orc who held his chair at an inn called the Hung Drawn and Quartered.


Surrounded by a tavern full of loyal brutes made negotiating with Hoxar difficult, and most of the party had zero tolerance for the atrocities he’already committed. But they reached an agreement: One of the party would fight his champion, and Hoxar would step down. Mor-gor, Hoxar’s champion met the brave paladin Thastir in the old fighting bit behind the inn.


The power of Mitra went super-nova on Thastir, and he killed the beast. But Mor-gor’s blood seeped into an ancient chaos marking at the base of the fighting pit, and was reborn in a more powerful and evil image of his murderous, bestial essence.


That’s when the tension broke, and the party threw down with Hoxar’s men. By this point, the party had already worked the crowd so once Mor-gor reborn was felled, the crowd dispersed, and Hoxar started negotiating.

The party chose to leave Hoxar in command, after all his augment was compelling: A governor who sends marble to the Overlord is better than no governor at all.



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