Wilderlands: The Rise of Tharizdun

The Tomb of the Forgotten King

A dwarven hero and his companions sought-out the lost tomb of King Torhild Flametongue to retrieve the fabled greataxe, Orcsplitter.


This hero was of the Line of Besilmer. He had been researching the tomb for some time, and compiled extensive notes on the location, construction, and secrets of the tomb.


The party found true tomb of The Flametounge but his effigy was puzzling…

Here lies King Torhild Flametounge;
As true in his majesty as the city he defended;
hidden with his secrets, as the city in the shadow of the Phantom Peak.
May the peak wail and blast to ward discovery,
and protect the legacy of the forgotten savior of the world.

The Phantom Peak is known to those who travel the Rorystone road north to the dwarven halls for trading. But the valley it overlooks is barren. Could it be that the ancient city Tyar-Besil exists, somehow hidden in the shadow of the peak as the effigy suggests?

Once in Overlord city, the party met with several scholars, eventually getting the attention of the clerics of Mitra. They believe the legendary city of Tyar-Besil is real, and more than that, they believe Torhild and his “forgotten” clan may have done whatever they could to erase themselves from history to protect its’ secret.


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