Wilderlands: The Rise of Tharizdun

The Twinhorns

The party was overburdened with loot, and needed to strike a found treasure deal with the local governor. That man happened to be Lord Nevron, a devout worshiper of Mitra, and castellan of the Twinhorn Gate.


The party was greeted with open arms, but before a deal could be struck, the South gate was attacked by marauding orcs, and two very angry stone giants who were pissed at everyone for making so much noise.



The battle was won. Lord Nevron voiced his concern about the increasing boldness of the Southern orc tribes. He offered his gratitude to the party for turning the tide of the overwhelming assault on the gates. Treasure and land arrangements were made, and the party was ready to head-off.

That’s when Sir Gayle of Tane showed-up on his griffon mount seeking the bounty on Arctennius’ head. There was little explanation before the two faced-off, but when Arc showed mercy, it gave Gayle pause. As it turns-out Sir Gayle was looking for just that sort of virtue. For what it’s worth, Gayle invited the party to Sky Reach should they ever find themselves in the badlands West of Overlord city.



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