Honorable MIA Commander in the Overlord's Army


As a soldier during border skirmishes with the Northern Empire, Arctennius was a captain in the Overlord’s Army. Having been raised in a military family, he attended the finest academies studying tactics and combat. He progressed rapidly and his first deployment took him to the front lines where they were told the enemy had begun fortifying.

Their objective was to sneak in and burn the huts and barracks to the ground. He thought it odd there was no resistance or guards, but orders are orders and are just. They lit the first few huts on fire…and as shadows emerged from the huts, archers began firing. It was then he realized this was not a military encampment, but a village…mostly women and children.

Tears in his eyes, he removed a small beaded necklace from the body of a fallen girl. When he returned with his unit, he lit into his CO. Turns out his superiors were well aware it was a civilian village, but the attack was meant to demoralize the enemy and cut off a food supply. Arctennius threw his tabard on the desk and left, his men following.

His CO had declared this an act of treason, resulting in a bounty placed on the heads of Arctennius and his men. The group of them agreed to separate and not to contact one another, so if one was captured, the others would not be put at risk.


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