The Invincible Overlord

Ruler of Overlord City


Now a man in his early 40’s, a bit of silver touches the sides of the Overlord’s dark hair. Despite his age, he looks, acts, and moves with the grace of a man 20 years younger. The Overlord is extraordinarily charismatic, shockingly intelligent, and has the respect of even those that hate him.


His Most Terrible Majesty, the Invincible Overlord, Hygelak XI, the Dread Klipmaran.

As the sixteenth son of the previous Overlord, Hygelak never expected much inheritance, especially after killing several of his half-brothers in duels. He had many advetures taking him to distant lands, and other planes. Soon after his father died Hygelak became the new Overlord.

The Invincible Overlord

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