Wilderlands: The Rise of Tharizdun

Aerisi Kalinoth


The party ventured once more to the looming ziggurat, wherein resided the prophetess of the air temple. This time they were well prepared.

They turned invisible sneaking past a guard patrol and the ever-watchful guardian wyvern.

The party entered Aerisi Kalinoth’s inner sanctum where initiates languished on pillows in opium stupors in shallow grottoes. Aerisi herself slouched in a great throne, attended by her wizards. A polished staff in her hand, and the great horn of the Djinni mounted on the wall behind her. She knew someone had entered, but could not see the invisible party when she ordered her invisible assassin to kill whatever had entered unannounced.


The party sprang into action. Morgana hypnotized half the room with a pattern of psychedelic colors that helped the initiates transcend the combat. Chaz grabbed the horn, and summoned the Djinni to their aid, commanding it to “kill all of the cultists in the room.” Albert waded into battle, swords drawn.

Then the lightning bolts started flying, and the invisible stalker took Morgana from behind. Albert had trouble slicing past the magical barriers set by the wizards. Chaz had leave Morgana to bleed, and chose instead to keep Albert swinging by healing him with everything he had.

The gambit paid off, and the battle turned! The djinni pinned the stalker to a corner and eviscerated it, while Albert sliced his way through Aerisi’s wizards. Her anger was rising as she unleashed storms of hail, clouds of poison vapor, and balls of lightning. Shrugging-off electrical burns, poisoning, and hail beatings, Albert pushed Aerisi into a corner and took her head off in one clean motion. Aerisi dissapeared in a whirl of smoke, leaving the artifact-spear, windvane behind.

Chaz found the piety to bring Morgan back from the brink, and once the Djinni was done slaying every last cultist, the party set him free. The Djinnin returned shortly with a parting gift of “wind wives”: air elemental women who took whatever form their master desired, and followed orders without question.

The party returned to town as heroes for uncovering the once mythical city of Tyar Besil; not only discovering cult activity, but defeating the air prophet, and recovering a relic that would prove useful against other cults.

The Ziggurat Looms

A wyvern-mounted skyreaver guarded the air prophet’s ziggurat. The party was too few, but they attempted a stealthy assault. Despite unseating the skyreaver, the guardians were too powerful. The party made a tactical withdraw, regrouping near the entrance of the city. It was time to call-in more rangers.


In the Shadow of the Ziggurat

The party surprised some evil kenku who were torturing slaves. After dispatching the Kenku handily, they discovered that yet more slaves may be held “below”.

Moving North, the party discovered a Djinni who was forced into rebuilding this part of the city. He named his mistress as Aerisi, a cruel fey woman residing in the Ziggurat to the West.

The party stealthed across the bridge to the ziggurat, hiding from the guardian air knight and his wyvern mount. The quickened into the East door, and found themselves face-to-face with a half-dozen cultists. A pitched melee ensued, leaving the cultists dead, and the party licking their wounds.

Knowing they were close to the prophetess, Aerisi, the party retreated to the city gates to rest before pursuing a confrontation.


A Bloody Path

Upon entering the newly discovered city of Tyar-Besil, the party met a placid half-elf by the name of Windharrow. He was sitting by a fountain, impatiently teaching initiates how to carry a tune on a flutes made of (human) bone. He was cordial with the party, but it came to bloodshed anyway. Windharrow vanished in thin air, leaving the initiates to be slaughtered.


Next the party followed sounds of torture leading back to the entry gatehouse. Four bird creatures hiding among the rubble were making the noises. Despite surprise, the party slaughtered them all.


Pushing onward the party investigated several spartan living quarters, finding initiates resting in one apartment. The initiates were destroyed in an orgy of blood and death. One initiate was interrogated, and told of the prophet Aerisi who promised true power from somewhere called the “air node”, a portal to the elemental plane of air.

The party attempted to rest, but were surprised by more initiates returning to the living quarters. The hallways were bathed in blood, as the party sprang into action.

The party chose to press-on instead of resting again…


The Wind May Blow

The party met at Byrny on a dark and stormy night. All of them marshalls going with the authority of the Overlord on a mission to identify any cults in the are that are attempting to end the world, and then bring them down.


An enigmatic figure introduced himself as Sir Gayle of Tane, and petitioned the party for assistance. The citadel of Sky Reach has been co-opted by a group of progressive knights, and he suspected foul play.

The party traveled to Sky Reach and met with Lord Meroska (possible relation), the current steward of the citadel, now renames “Feathergale Spire”. The party was treated well by the Lord and his servants, but it was clear they were hiding something.

From the rooftop the party spotted movement across the valley, and set-out at once to investigate.


The party found a secret entrance into the mountain, and after a treacherous journey through winding corridors and plunging stairs, they stumbled upon the legendary city of Tyar-Besil.

Air cultists were waiting for them, but the party was itching for a fight, and they butchered the weak offense, to the point of chasing-down a fleeing priest, and slaying him mid-feather-fall.


Bad Weather

A few Rangers of Northmarch set-off of for Byrny on the heals of rangers that had already been sent. The journey was mostly uneventful, pleasant even. Until the party was attacked by griffons that appeared to be riderless mounts.


Things got stranger when they passed the peaks that mark the South base of the Northmarch valley. Blue lighting was screaming from the peaks and rain started falling in buckets. The party made it to the first inn at Byrny, soaked to the bone.

In the Shadow of the Mountain

Reports of black obelisks had been trickling-in for years, but news of the rediscovered tomb of King Torhild brought new light to the investigation. The link to the supposed location of Tyar-Besil was unquestionable, but when the priests of Mitra plotted the locations of the obelisks, they found that all of them followed ley lines. Those lines intersect at the supposed site of the mythical city of Tyar-Besil.


The Overlord was invited to counsel, and agreed that the threat should be dealt with. So a coalition was forged whereby anyone needed could be recruited without consequence. City factions would put-aside disputes by the authority of the overlord. This allows guild thieves to work with justicars, and priests of opposing faiths to work together.


This alliance is known as The Rangers of Northmarch. The rangers bear the sigil of the City State, and go with the authority of the overlord. Their mission is to find the city of Tyar-Besil (if it exists), and end any cult activity. The rangers travel under the pretense of a City-State special forces team executing war-based covert operations at the Rorystone front.


The Tomb of the Forgotten King

A dwarven hero and his companions sought-out the lost tomb of King Torhild Flametongue to retrieve the fabled greataxe, Orcsplitter.


This hero was of the Line of Besilmer. He had been researching the tomb for some time, and compiled extensive notes on the location, construction, and secrets of the tomb.


The party found true tomb of The Flametounge but his effigy was puzzling…

Here lies King Torhild Flametounge;
As true in his majesty as the city he defended;
hidden with his secrets, as the city in the shadow of the Phantom Peak.
May the peak wail and blast to ward discovery,
and protect the legacy of the forgotten savior of the world.

The Phantom Peak is known to those who travel the Rorystone road north to the dwarven halls for trading. But the valley it overlooks is barren. Could it be that the ancient city Tyar-Besil exists, somehow hidden in the shadow of the peak as the effigy suggests?

Once in Overlord city, the party met with several scholars, eventually getting the attention of the clerics of Mitra. They believe the legendary city of Tyar-Besil is real, and more than that, they believe Torhild and his “forgotten” clan may have done whatever they could to erase themselves from history to protect its’ secret.

Return to Flint

The party laden with riches from the forgotten temple, passed through Flint on their way back to Overlord City. They found half the city burned to the ground. One remaining warlord had seized control of the city. His name was Hoxar, and he was a mean-looking orc who held his chair at an inn called the Hung Drawn and Quartered.


Surrounded by a tavern full of loyal brutes made negotiating with Hoxar difficult, and most of the party had zero tolerance for the atrocities he’already committed. But they reached an agreement: One of the party would fight his champion, and Hoxar would step down. Mor-gor, Hoxar’s champion met the brave paladin Thastir in the old fighting bit behind the inn.


The power of Mitra went super-nova on Thastir, and he killed the beast. But Mor-gor’s blood seeped into an ancient chaos marking at the base of the fighting pit, and was reborn in a more powerful and evil image of his murderous, bestial essence.


That’s when the tension broke, and the party threw down with Hoxar’s men. By this point, the party had already worked the crowd so once Mor-gor reborn was felled, the crowd dispersed, and Hoxar started negotiating.

The party chose to leave Hoxar in command, after all his augment was compelling: A governor who sends marble to the Overlord is better than no governor at all.

The Twinhorns

The party was overburdened with loot, and needed to strike a found treasure deal with the local governor. That man happened to be Lord Nevron, a devout worshiper of Mitra, and castellan of the Twinhorn Gate.


The party was greeted with open arms, but before a deal could be struck, the South gate was attacked by marauding orcs, and two very angry stone giants who were pissed at everyone for making so much noise.



The battle was won. Lord Nevron voiced his concern about the increasing boldness of the Southern orc tribes. He offered his gratitude to the party for turning the tide of the overwhelming assault on the gates. Treasure and land arrangements were made, and the party was ready to head-off.

That’s when Sir Gayle of Tane showed-up on his griffon mount seeking the bounty on Arctennius’ head. There was little explanation before the two faced-off, but when Arc showed mercy, it gave Gayle pause. As it turns-out Sir Gayle was looking for just that sort of virtue. For what it’s worth, Gayle invited the party to Sky Reach should they ever find themselves in the badlands West of Overlord city.



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