Wilderlands: The Rise of Tharizdun

A Bloody Path

Upon entering the newly discovered city of Tyar-Besil, the party met a placid half-elf by the name of Windharrow. He was sitting by a fountain, impatiently teaching initiates how to carry a tune on a flutes made of (human) bone. He was cordial with the party, but it came to bloodshed anyway. Windharrow vanished in thin air, leaving the initiates to be slaughtered.


Next the party followed sounds of torture leading back to the entry gatehouse. Four bird creatures hiding among the rubble were making the noises. Despite surprise, the party slaughtered them all.


Pushing onward the party investigated several spartan living quarters, finding initiates resting in one apartment. The initiates were destroyed in an orgy of blood and death. One initiate was interrogated, and told of the prophet Aerisi who promised true power from somewhere called the “air node”, a portal to the elemental plane of air.

The party attempted to rest, but were surprised by more initiates returning to the living quarters. The hallways were bathed in blood, as the party sprang into action.

The party chose to press-on instead of resting again…



Michael_Lee Michael_Lee

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