Wilderlands: The Rise of Tharizdun

Aerisi Kalinoth


The party ventured once more to the looming ziggurat, wherein resided the prophetess of the air temple. This time they were well prepared.

They turned invisible sneaking past a guard patrol and the ever-watchful guardian wyvern.

The party entered Aerisi Kalinoth’s inner sanctum where initiates languished on pillows in opium stupors in shallow grottoes. Aerisi herself slouched in a great throne, attended by her wizards. A polished staff in her hand, and the great horn of the Djinni mounted on the wall behind her. She knew someone had entered, but could not see the invisible party when she ordered her invisible assassin to kill whatever had entered unannounced.


The party sprang into action. Morgana hypnotized half the room with a pattern of psychedelic colors that helped the initiates transcend the combat. Chaz grabbed the horn, and summoned the Djinni to their aid, commanding it to “kill all of the cultists in the room.” Albert waded into battle, swords drawn.

Then the lightning bolts started flying, and the invisible stalker took Morgana from behind. Albert had trouble slicing past the magical barriers set by the wizards. Chaz had leave Morgana to bleed, and chose instead to keep Albert swinging by healing him with everything he had.

The gambit paid off, and the battle turned! The djinni pinned the stalker to a corner and eviscerated it, while Albert sliced his way through Aerisi’s wizards. Her anger was rising as she unleashed storms of hail, clouds of poison vapor, and balls of lightning. Shrugging-off electrical burns, poisoning, and hail beatings, Albert pushed Aerisi into a corner and took her head off in one clean motion. Aerisi dissapeared in a whirl of smoke, leaving the artifact-spear, windvane behind.

Chaz found the piety to bring Morgan back from the brink, and once the Djinni was done slaying every last cultist, the party set him free. The Djinnin returned shortly with a parting gift of “wind wives”: air elemental women who took whatever form their master desired, and followed orders without question.

The party returned to town as heroes for uncovering the once mythical city of Tyar Besil; not only discovering cult activity, but defeating the air prophet, and recovering a relic that would prove useful against other cults.


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