Character Creation

Your character is part of an alliance is known as The Rangers of Northmarch. The rangers bear the sigil of the City State, and go with the authority of the overlord. The rangers travel under the pretense of a City-State special forces team executing war-based operations wherever needed.

UPDATE: The affiliation of the Rangers is loose, at best. The war is draggin-on, and Individual teams have bonded, or fallen-apart. In your case, you and your team have earned some battle scars together, and are now as thick as thieves. Assume your character owes his life to the team, and they to you. Your character is sworn to the Overlord, answering the call when beckoned, but it is up to you how devoted your character is.


Follow the rules in the Player’s Handbook with the following exceptions…

Current party level is 8th.
Max hit points at 1st level. Roll hit points after 1st level, if you roll less than half (rounded-up), then take half (rounded-up). Ex. A roll of 4 on d8 gets bumped to a 5 (half rounded-up).

Any race is allowed. Humans* are dominant (about 75% of the population), and are mutually tolerant with other playable races, with the following exceptions. Orcs and half-orcs are not uncommon, but treated with suspicion. Tieflings, dragonborn (who most people confuse with lizard-folk) and drow are not common, and tend to draw attention.

There are new races in the Player’s guide. All of these are legal, but they are rare, and will be generally met with mistrust and draw attention.

*Note that there are several sub-races of human in the Wilderlands. Feel free to “re-skin” any race with human sub-race.

Ability Scores
Array: 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 10
Or use a point-buy (46 points)
Point-buy calculator
No ability may go beyond 20
Existing characters must retcon to match the array or point-buy.

Characters have any mundane equipment they would reasonably carry. Existing characters may re-equip.

  • 500 gold (new characters only).
  • Any +1 armor or weapon.
  • Any one uncommon magic item (or other +1 armor or weapon).
  • Any one rare magic item
  • Access to common potions (so pretty much lowest-level healing potions).
    Magic Items by Rarity

Leveling and XP
We will be using the story XP variant. At Significant points in the campaign, the party level will increase. XP per encounter is not awarded. So accomplishing story/plot goals is more important than killing stuff.

Character Creation

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