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Dark Omens

Stories of the world’s end are lost in a sea of tales and legends. Common folk are busy toiling to survive, and too many scholars would like to ignore the warnings written in scrolls of prophecy. Aye, but the insane cultists of the Elder Elemental Eye revel in portents written among the stars. They hasten to awaken Tharizdun, harbinger of the end of all things.

Among the few orders who acknowledge the imminent danger is the Priesthood of Mitra, The Sword of Justice. Mitra’s clerics have compiled a much lore in their vaults. With each new piece of evidence returned by Mitra’s agents, the true scope and magnitude of the conspiracy is revealed.

Not all the brave have justice in mind. The Overlord wants to wield the power of Tharizdun as a weapon. He seeks to bind the forces of elemental chaos to his will, and dominate any who would stand before him.

And then there are the heroes. What choices will they make in these final days where the fate of all creation is decided? They will chose their path, high-or-low, but they are all marked for destiny. Their actions will shape the course of coming events for good or ill.


Home Page

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