All Player’s Handbook races are allowed.

The Elemental Evil Player’s Companion has additional races, which are allowed.

Human sub-races

Human sub-races are for flavor, and may affect roleplay background choices.

The city folk of the Northern Wilderlands (like the city-state). Fair, olive or reddish skinned, brown hair and eyes.

A mixture of human and elven blood. Terrifying merchants and swindlers. Proud, lithe and condescending. Swarthy olive skin, brown eyes, and slight build.

Tall, noble, prideful. Almost always titled. Natural swimmers, sailors and shipwrights. Usuaully adept with cold, water and/or ice magic. Pale blue skin, platinum hair, silver eyes, tall, sleek and muscular.

Common Avalonian
Natives of the city of Valon. Frequent traders to the City-state. Expert, sailors, crafters and shipwrights. Affinity for the sea and ice. Frequent practice of hedge magic. Pale skin with blue tint, hair of platinum, gray or black eyes, sleek, muscular build.

Common Viridian
From the falling empire of Viridistan. Farmers, craftsmen, merchants. Pale skinned with tints of green, blonde hair, green eyes.

The wood-folk of Deathwood. Blended ancestry with possible elven blood. Few in number and somewhat barbaric. Bronze skin, black hair.

The people of the city-state of Tarantis. Ruled by sultans. Ruthless merchants and pirates. Bronze skin, dark hair, slight build.

Horse-lords of Karak, far to the East. Ruled by petty kings. Yellow skin, black or red hair, green eyes.

Burly, water-loving race. Ruled by Jarls, and settling along coasts. Renowned swimmers and sailors. Populating the coast of the City-state, and Northern neighbor city-state of Warwick. Pale skin, blond hair, green eyes, stocky build.

Nomadic and war-like original settlers of the area of the City-state. Venerate honor and battle. Conquered are kept as slaves. Warrior code forbids the slaughter of innocents, or murder of the valiant. Women are equal to men. Excellent smiths. Tan or brown skin, black hair, blue or green eyes.

Barbarians South of the City-state. Totem clans (tribes). Semi-nomadic. Renown trackers. Dominated by women. Men follow the Way of the Sword. Hunters and raiders. Copper, brown or red skin, sandy to black hair, hazel eyes, stocky build.


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